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09:00 – 09:05          Welcoming – Prof Wiehann Steyn (Hortgro)

Session One

Session Chair: Richard Hurndall (Independent Consultant)

09:05 – 09:25         Understanding superficial scald induction in ‘Granny Smith’ apples subjected to different storage practices. Collaboration between: SU, ARC and ExperiCo. Authors: M. Gerber, E. Crouch, P.K. Thirupathi, A Botes, D Viljoen, I. Crouch. – Monja Gerber (Stellenbosch University)

09:25 – 09:45         Comparison of controlled atmosphere (CA) storage technologies using oxygen values and fruit quality. Authors: B. Mouton, I. Crouch, A. Botes, E. Crouch – Braam Mouton (Stellenbosch University)

09:45 – 10:05         Soft scald development and management in apples. Collaboration between: SU and ARC. Authors: J. Ladegourdie, A. Botes, E. Crouch – Jason Ladegourdie (Stellenbosch University)

10:05 – 10:25         Influence of fruit temperature, pre-storage regime, 1-MCP treatment and dynamic carbon dioxide (DCD) during CA storage on apple quality. – Dirk Köpcke (Jork Fruit Growing Research Institute)

10:25 – 10:45         HarvestWatch as a tool to track quality changes during storage. – Prof Bob Prange (Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University)

BREAK      10:45 – 11:15

Session Two

Session Chair: Henk Griessel (Tru-Cape)

11:15 – 11:35          The pitfalls at Tincan Harbour Nigeria – Cassandra Smith and Kobus Jacobs (Tru-Cape)

11:35 – 11:55         The drive for circular plastics – unpacking the purpose. – Kirsten Barnes (GreenCape)

11:55 – 12:15        PPECB procedure for containerisation – Bernard Henning (PPECB)

12:15 – 12:35        Perfecting horticultural container shipping: Potential gains & the role of integrated packaging designs. – Tarl Berry (CRI)

12:35 – 12:55       Fungal degradation of wooden pallet bases used in containerised export of citrus fruit. – Wilma du Plooy (CRI)

BREAK             12:55 – 13:15

Session Three

Session Chair: Dr Cheryl Lennox (Stellenbosch University)

13:15 – 13:35         Major postharvest diseases of stone fruit. – Dr Pieter Louw (ExperiCo)

13:35 – 13:55        Stone fruit postharvest decay: Fungicide resistance management and MRL export tolerances. – Dr Wouter Schreuder (ICA international chemicals)

13:55 – 14:15        Postharvest fumigation – the status quo and what’s on the horizon. – Dr Shelley Johnson and Dr Renate Smit (Hortgro)

14:15 – 14:35        Heat damage on Laetitia plums – Handré Viljoen (ExperiCo)


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