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Research is about solving problems and that is the mandate given to Hortgro Science by the South African deciduous fruit industry. Hortgro Science is the research engine of the industry, managing more than a hundred research projects annually. Research initiated and paid for by the industry.

Every second year the Research Showcase is an event where industry stakeholders are given an opportunity to gain perspective about the research projects that are taking place. Most producers do not realise how much work is being done and how many people are involved, and the Showcase creates an opportunity to give context about Hortgro Science’s role in the industry. It is also easier to listen to a presentation rather than reading about a research project.

Additionally, the research process also ensures a flow of human capital to the industry, with the package of people involved and the mentoring of students that takes place. Therefore, industry players get to engage with researchers and students who might become their colleagues of tomorrow.

Research Showcase Fruit

The Showcase challenges researchers and students to present their data in short presentations (5-10 minutes). Thus, they must apply their minds and get the essence of their work across.

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Any other queries, please contact Lindy Sigonyela:

Details about the event

This year the Showcase will be held at STIAS, Stellenbosch. The programme is split in a Hortgro Pome Research Day (6 June) and a Hortgro Stone Research Day (7 June). Relevant research projects, showing the extent of the research from the three programmes, Crop Production, Crop Protection, and Postharvest, will be presented.

On 8 June the Showcase will be followed by the Postharvest Symposium, also at STIAS.


  • 6 June: Pome Research Showcase @ R400 (incl. VAT)
  • 7 June: Stone Research Showcase @ R400 (incl. VAT)
  • 8 June: Postharvest Symposium @ R1100 (incl. VAT)

Registrations are now closed.

After registrations are closed, there are no refunds for cancellations. 

Research Showcase Programmes

Postharvest Programme

Please note there will be no print programmes available at the Research Showcase.  Please make use of the digital copies above. 


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